Kelly McDowell, BHSP

is a pioneer and expert in energy field therapy for mind-body healing and spiritual health. In essence, a soul doctor.

Kelly is passionate about achieving deep soul health and whole health, and helping others do the same, through detailed energy field (soul) awareness and working with the Holy Spirit.

She integrates energy field science and spiritual psychology and has developed the first mind-body healing system that recognizes that: One’s unhealthy dualistic thinking is detectable as disconnections between soul energy centers, which has far-reaching implications for mind-body medicine, energy medicine, health psychology, faith healing, unity consciousness, theology, and ethics. She has also developed a unique psycho-emotional model of the soul energy centers.

Kelly has been published in Unity Magazine and has edited doctoral dissertations on mind-body medicine and neuroscience. She has a 4-year professional certification in Brennan Healing Science (healing through the human energy field), has studied Pathwork spiritual psychology for decades, and has 25+ years of experience in holistic wellness, as well as a bachelors degree cum laude in computer science from North Texas State University (now U of NT).  She was a speaker at the 2012 International Pathwork Leadership Conference and has given consultations and classes at Omega Institute

In her personal life, Kelly loves singing with her Unity church music ministry team, playing piano/djembe/tin whistle, swimming, and cats.

Kelly’s mission is to ignite a massive wave of soul and body healing that changes the world.

Contact Kelly McDowell, BHSP at 845-389-3971

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Kelly McDowell, BHSP-Advanced Energy Field Therapy

Based in Bella Vista, AR (Northwest AR). Services available in person and by phone and video.

(845) 389-3971

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