Kelly McDowell, BHSP

is a pioneer and expert in energy field therapy for mind-body healing and spiritual health. 


Building upon Pathwork spiritual psychology and Brennan Healing Science (healing through the human energy field), Kelly has developed a unique psycho-emotional model of the soul energy centers and the FIRST mind-body healing system that recognizes:  Unhealthy dualistic thinking is detectable as disconnections (splits) between soul energy centers...with far-reaching implications for mind-body medicine, energy medicine, health/somatic psychology, faith healing, unity consciousness, and theology.

Using her mind-body healing system, Kelly has personally experienced deep healings from: panic attacks, anxiety, relationship issues, a physical brain twist related to birth trauma and feeling abandoned by God, and a severe throat block impacting all areas of her life. Each of these healings transformed not only the symptoms, but also her connection to God and Spirit in a different way. 

Kelly has a 4-year professional certification in Brennan Healing Science and 25+ years of experience in holistic wellness, as well as a bachelors degree cum laude in computer science from North Texas State University (now U of NT). She has been published in Unity Magazine and has edited doctoral dissertations on mind-body medicine and neuroscience. She was a speaker at the 2012 International Pathwork Leadership Conference and has given consultations and classes at Omega Institute.


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Kelly McDowell, BHSP-Advanced Energy Field Therapy

Based in Bella Vista, AR (Northwest AR). Services available in person, by phone, and online phone/video.

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