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Mind-Body-Soul Energy Therapy Course

Want to be skilled in my healing system? Use it in daily life? This personalized course is for you!

See my home page for the many benefits of this groundbreaking system of healing. 

My experience is that people need personal feedback/help for some time in using this system before they are skilled at it themselves... for confidence in the accuracy and completeness of their soul center perceptions...  and for clarity in integrating finer points of healing their dualistic beliefs/emotions, problems, and illness. This course is designed to fill those needs.

Learn the 33+ skills essential to this system in a structured format.

Complete all the healing steps for one or two of your life issues as part of the course.

Get personal feedback and help on each skill as you go.

Go at your own pace in 4 parts:

Learning modules are sent by e-mail. Personal consultations and check-ins are done with me by phone or video. You can also use the free intro videos.

Part 1 includes modules 1-3, an 80-minute consultation, and two 20-minute check-ins. ($250)
Part 2 includes modules 4-6, a 60-minute consultation, and two 20-minute check-ins. ($250)
Part 3 includes modules 7-9, a 60-minute consultation, and two 20-minute check-ins. ($250)
Part 4 includes modules 10-12, a 60-minute consultation, and two 20-minute check-ins. ($250)
TOTAL = $1000 (4 installments of $250)

Give yourself 5-9 months to complete the course. True mastery of each skill may take much longer, but you will at least have some exposure to each one.

You may add additional personal consultations or check-ins if you need extra help (not included).
Course can be repeated later if you would like focused help with healing other life issues.  


Learn to use your life problems and illness to discover the spiritual meaning of them FAST, to find and heal flaws in self that then transforms those problems and lifts you to greater spiritual vision, Grace, and unity consciousness, higher and higher each time! 


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