NEW Advances in Energy Field Therapy & Unity Consciousness!

  • Heal mind-emotions-soul-body DEEPER, FURTHER, FASTER 
  • Make decisions aligned with your Spirit  & the Common Good 
  • Kelly's new system to pinpoint & heal your personal dualistic beliefs

Kelly's Energy Field Therapy System Can Give You



  • PINPOINT YOUR DUALISTIC BELIEFS/EMOTIONS FAST & how they cause problems/illness for you
  • Discover the spiritual meaning/purpose of your life events,
  • the parts of your soul/psyche that are separate and need to be reunified,
  • if your decisions are aligned with your Spirit or not



  • A clear system for COMPLETE mind-emotions-soul healing and potential body healing
  • Greater embodiment of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS within you
  • Find deep Peace-Love-Happiness-Health-God in any situation
  • Accelerate and refine your spiritual growth exponentially  

Why My Healing System is Groundbreaking


"The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine."-Dr. Mehmet Oz

What’s so groundbreaking and special about my energy field therapy healing system? 

I discovered something BIG… that has far-reaching potential to advance mind-body medicine, energy medicine, health psychology, unity consciousness, faith healing, theology, and ethics… that can dramatically speed your mind-body healing and spiritual growth:  

You can PINPOINT your dualistic beliefs (and soul-psyche dysfunction, limited thinking, and lack of faith) by assessing which of your soul energy centers (chakras, major aspects of your soul) don’t open and function together at the same time. 

Why is this so important?  1) Because never before has there been a way to see your soul-psyche dynamics and mind-body health and illness connections so PRECISELY. Looking at the interrelationships between parts of your soul-psyche this way unlocks lots of information and meaning that wasn’t visible before… and FAST.  2) Because it can take you much further than simple, temporary practices of opening your soul energy centers. 3)  Because your SOUL health dramatically determines your WHOLE health and the events in your life through the mechanisms of your energy field (which is your soul).

This is a first: a CLEAR, PRECISE, THOROUGH, and FAST system by which you can use your energy field to trace your life problems and even most physical illness to their inner root causes—to specific dualistic beliefs and their resulting emotions.

Then you can use my 3 HEALING STEPS and my UNIQUE PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL MODEL OF THE SOUL CENTERS—to help you dramatically heal and grow beyond your dreams….


That’s what has happened for me. STELLAR healing results and spiritual growth beyond my dreams. Healing and growing through my problems and illness in ways most people don't know is possible. 

I’ve experienced deep healings from panic attacks/anxiety, relationship issues, a physical brain twist related to birth trauma, 3 different throat blocks, stage 1 breast cancer, and more. [Listen to my cancer healing story on CUTV News Radio.]

In each case, my soul centers showed me EXACTLY what the inner problem was that had created the difficult situation... how past experiences had caused me to hold (dualistic) beliefs and emotions about life, others, God, and myself that weren’t right… how that separated me from the Truth of Love and God in a certain way and harmed my life creations and my body… and how I needed to open to greater Truth, Love, Faith, and Abundance in order to reunify and  come Home… for COMPLETE healing and life and health transformation in that way. 

It’s my joy to help others do the same. I’ve worked with people across the full spectrum of mind and body ailments: anxiety, depression, cancer, back and neck pain, migraines, thyroid/ digestive/sexual/reproductive/skin/adrenal issues, vertigo, self-esteem/relationship/work/spiritual issues, trauma, grief, guilt, fears, anger, food addictions, and more. 

Using life problems to find and heal flaws in self that then transforms those problems and lifts you to greater spiritual vision and Grace, higher and higher each time, is… Exhilarating. Empowering. Liberating. Awe-inspiring. Wonderful. It’s not always easy, but SO very worth it!

I’ve devoted decades to developing and testing this system, so your path can be much clearer and faster (and less expensive)... so YOU can have deeper SOUL health and WHOLE health.


Here are Client Examples of Illnesses and Dualistic Beliefs


Lifelong anxiety (tries to please others, but feels constantly attacked)

  • Solar plexus center doesn’t open at same time as heart and throat centers.  
  • Dualistic Belief: “Being my true self won’t get me love and nourishment.”
  • Unitive Truth:  “I can be my true self AND receive love and nourishment.”

Wanting but not having a romantic partner

  • Heart center doesn’t open at same time as solar plexus and throat centers.
  • Dualistic Belief: “If I have a love partner, I’ll lose myself and won’t be nourished.”  
  • Unitive Truth:  “I can have a love partner AND be my true self and be nourished.”

Low back pain (degenerative disc) & hypothyroid

  • Sacrum center doesn’t open at same time as throat center.
  • Dualistic Belief: “I’m supposed to give pleasure to others, but not have needs myself.”
  • Unitive Truth: “I can give pleasure AND receive nourishment at the same time.”

Abdominal cancer

  • Solar plexus centers don’t open at same time as crown center.
  • Dualistic Belief: “Being personally powerful is not allowed by God.”
  • Unitive Truth: “God wants me to have healthy power in life.”

For deep healing, you must go deep within.... How deep are you willing to go?

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