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  •  Heal mind-body-spirit DEEPER, FURTHER, FASTER 
  •  Make decisions aligned with your Spirit  & the Common Good 
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Kelly's Energy Field Therapy System Can Give You



  • PINPOINT YOUR DUALISTIC BELIEFS/EMOTIONS & how they cause problems/illness for you
  • discover the spiritual meaning/purpose of your life events
  • the parts of your soul/psyche that are separate and need to be reunified
  • if your decisions are aligned with your Spirit or not



  •  a clear system for COMPLETE mind-emotion-spirit healing and potential body healing
  • greater embodiment of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS within you
  • find deep Peace-Love-Happiness-Health-God in any situation
  • accelerate and refine your spiritual growth exponentially  

7 levels of the human energy field from Hands of Light © 1987 Barbara A. Brennan

Soul Energy Centers are Key to Whole Health and Happiness

"The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine."-Dr. Mehmet Oz

Everything about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is reflected in your energy field. [Illustration shows 7 levels of a perfect human energy field.]

Advances in energy medicine like Brennan Healing Science explain how unhealthy beliefs about life create problems and blocks in the energy field--and negatively affect our thoughts, emotions, relationships, creations, and physical health. 

Where beliefs and emotions are healthy in the soul/psyche, the energy field supports the corresponding physical body areas in being healthy and strong. 

person meditating with soul energy centers illustrated

On each level of your energy field, there are twelve soul centers predominant (energy vortexes on the front and back of your body) that correspond to 12 major aspects of your soul/psyche. 

When beliefs in a certain area of life are healthy, that soul center is relaxed and open, and life energy flows into it (this can be felt with practice). Related areas of body, mind, and emotions function in health, relaxation, openness, harmony, and happiness.

When beliefs in a certain area of life are unhealthy, that soul center closes to some degree, and inflow of life energy is impaired (this can also be felt). Related areas of body, mind, and emotions become unhealthy, tense, closed, and disturbed. Unhealthy thoughts and emotions limit and impair our lives.


Kelly's Groundbreaking Research & Healing System

Through her research of the human energy field, Kelly has developed a unique psycho-emotional model of the soul energy centers and the FIRST mind-body healing system that recognizes:  Unhealthy dualistic thinking is detectable as disconnections (splits) between soul energy centers. This is when soul centers do not function in the healthy open state concurrently.

With this breakthrough, one can gain very deep, precise, and thorough insight into soul/psyche health very quickly...with far-reaching implications for mind-body medicine, energy medicine, health/somatic psychology, faith healing, unity consciousness, and theology. 

Every dualistic life belief, blocked emotion, and soul center disconnection is a piece waiting to be healed that can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND HEALTH!


Soul center assessment and energy field therapy are tremendous tools to help you HEAL YOUR MIND-BODY-SPIRIT DEEPER, FURTHER, FASTER.

SEE KELLY'S BIO for the dramatic personal healings she has experienced with this system.

MIND-BODY HEALING CONSULTATIONS with KELLY are deep individual sessions that provide clarity and help quickly (saving you time and money)--and her healing system really works! Includes advanced energy healing, soul center assessment, and/or mind-body healing coaching (in person, by phone, or online phone/video). Applicable to any life issue.

MIND-BODY HEALING GROUPS with KELLY are a great, cost-efficient way to go deeper with your healing process in a format where you can share the journey with others (in person and by online video).

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