Topics Covered in this Radio Show with Kelly

0:00 Intro to Kelly and her work     3:58 What inspired you to do this work?     7:00 What is energy medicine, energy healing, the soul centers?

10:28 How do you get information from soul centers?     11:44 Skeptical? How to sense your soul centers for yourself.     13:34 What is dualistic thinking?

16:01 Kelly's breast cancer story including the related dualistic belief and emotions and healing process

25:27 How does long distance healing work?     26:34 Do you have to be of a certain faith to work with you?     27:08 Are there any drawbacks to this work?   

Check out this trailer for the movie "E-Motion" with other holistic health pioneers discussing the massive influence of our thoughts and repressed emotions on whole health. 

Kelly's new mind-body healing system allows you to pinpoint those factors through the energy field and soul centers!   


1. Advances in Energy Field Therapy & Unity Consciousness with Kelly McDowell

2. Experience Kelly's Soul Center Model

3. Listen to Your Soul Centers (to Find Dualistic Beliefs Affecting Your Life-Health-Success)

4. Sense Pairs of Soul Centers (to Find Dualistic Beliefs Affecting Your Life-Health-Success)

5. Steps to Unify Your Soul Centers (for Mind-Body-Spirit Healing and Decision-Making)

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